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Award Certificates Keep Morale High

Any program that involves incremental training will gain the value with the addition for our AWS Group Ltd. Company, of certificates to show when new milestones have been reached. Award Certificates Keep Morale High Certificates of achievement, merit, truth and honor can be powerful tools when used at the right time and presented in the right way and the warm glow.

Rascor International Ltd Company, is a globally operating waterproofing specialist production, develops and produces its own systems, design, machines for these applications and the company is represented worldwide by its own subsidiaries and partner companies.

AWS Group presented the trainer and be partner with the Rascor International Ltd which is mention on.


Treatment of wet/dry cracks

Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Spray Membrane for External Surface of Wall & Roof

Tunnel Waterproofing

Cut & Cover , Basement waterproofing

Crack Injection

AWS specializes in crack repair works in all kinds of building and civil infrastructures works. Our key strength lies in identifying the nature of cracks in different environmental conditions and tailoring our repair techniques suitable to the site conditions. With right material choice and methods, we have proven track record of repair works done successfully in both marine environment and underground structures. Our specialty covers treatment of surface cracks, deep structural cracks and wet cracks by method of crack injection.

Scaffolding Project

Flooring Works

AWS undertakes flooring works like floor screeding, epoxy coating, self levelling both indoor and outdoor area.


AWS provides scaffolding services to any scale of projects ranging from residential to multistory commercial building works. Our cost effective and safety conscious approach has proven to be reliable solutions to meet client’s needs to cater at every stage of construction.

Concrete Repair

AWS undertakes repair works of concrete surface exposed to various degrees of environmental exposure that have spalled due to progressive corrosion of reinforcement. We identify the flow path of any water ingress and leakage occurring in concrete structure and rectify with our expert methodology and technique for the refurbishment of old defected concrete.

We provide repair works on both above and below ground level structures, our repair method includes sealing of leak surfaces, waterproofing by applying protective coatings, concrete and masonry repair and crack and joint sealing.

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